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N95 Respirator Fit Testing, commonly referred to as "N95 Mask Fit Testing" is an essential part of a safe and effective respiratory protection program both for individuals and for employers whose work in environments are exposed to airborne pathogens and other hazardous particulates.  

At Synergy we receive requests from individuals and organizations seeking to get N95 Mask Fit Testing completed from all over Ontario.  We are the go to experts and can easily manage training programs of all sizes (20 to 2000 participants).  Our customers are proud to provide us with letters of reference and our participants leave with a level of confidence seldom seen from training programs.  We offer convenience, excepttional value and most important accountability throughout each and every program we deliver.  

We perform the following  type of Respirator Fit Testing:

  1. Qualitative Respirator Mask Fit Testing: Synergy follows the CSA Standard Z94 4-11 in our Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing (QLFT)program.  We follow strict guidelines with respect to the techniques and equipment used for this type of fit testing.  This type of testing is always conducted in two parts; Part 1 - sensitivity testing, Part 2 - fit testing. Our Fit testing provides education on the Care, Use and Selection of respirators along with proper techniques on Donning and Doffing, User Seal Checks, Maintenance, Facial Seal exercises and education on environmental risks to name a few.  QLFT can be used effectively for fit testing large numbers of participants in a short period of time.  Most effective when used for disposable N95 style respirator use, QLFT provides a memorable experience for participants.  QLFT can also be used to fit test half face respirators that require a fit factor of 100 or less quite effectively.

Across Canada, employers in healthcare, manufacturing, mining, construction, emergency response, security, logistics and many more require their staff to receive Respirator Fit Testing.  Respirator Fit Testing is required to be conducted as per Provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislation.  Typical training is required on an annual basis, unless your employer and provincial standards differ.  All healthcare employers require their employees to be Respiratory Fit Tested with disposable N-95 Masks.   To learn more about the standards, please visit:

Synergy will be pleased to provide your organization with a host of health and safety training and services, available both onsite and at your location!  The objectives of respirator fit testing is to ensure that an effective facial seal is created and that each participant understands the selection, care and use of respirators.  As leaders in respirator fit testing, Synergy will work with you to ensure a positive and educational experience.

At Synergy we are proud to provide both ON-SITE and OFF-SITE Qualitative Mask Fit Testing .  Our programs are consistently rated as one the best by our thousands of participants annually.  We are partnered with Universities, Colleges, Healthcare operators and countless employers providing a comprehensive and affordable Mask Fit Testing Solution! 

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