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Finding the right training partner is essential when looking for a First Aid and CPR training course.  Many customers shop for the lowest price, others find providers that are closest to them and some search for training partners with the shortest courses and so on.

As a leader in the area of First Aid and CPR training we would like to help you distinguish between the hundreds of first aid and cpr training programs avaialable across the province.

Our Rules for selecting the right training partner:

  1. Experience - how long has the company been in business?
  2. Testimonials - do they have testimonials on their site?
  3. Clients - who are they providing service to currently?
  4. How many participants do they train a year?
  5. Affiliation - are they Red Cross Training Partners?
  6. Help Desk - do they have a help desk should you have any questions?
  7. Price - is their pricing reasonable?
  8. Course Duration - do they follow standard guidelines for course duration?
  9. Booking Process - is the booking process straight forward and simple?

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