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Difference Between Standard and Emergency First Aid

Synergy provides thousands of people with First Aid and CPR training every year.  A question that we get asked quite often is what is the difference between Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid training?

Both Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid are very similiar in content, the difference equates to the amount of time spent on each module and the level of CPR training that is included.  The answer is two-fold, the first outlining the content and extent of time spent on each educational module and the second having to do with WSIB requirements for employers covered through WSIB in Ontario.

The Education:

Emergency First Aid Standard First Aid
Respiratory Emergencies All of Emergency First Aid +
Shock Environmental Emergencies
Heart Attack and Angina Suspected Spinal Injuries
External Bleeding Bone or Joint Injuries
Stroke and TIA's Burns
  Injuries - Abdmoninal, Chest, Facial

Emergency First Aid is typically covered in 7-8 hours of training and Standard First Aid is 13-15 hours of training.  Certification for both trainings are valid for 3 years.

WSIB Requirements:

This section defines more clearly what workplace requirements are in place for employers where they are covered under WSIB.  The training that is required depends on the number of workers per shift.  It is important to note that there must be a trained employee per shift, thus having multiple trained employees is generally a very SMART idea.  Below are the WSIB requirements:

5 or fewer workers per shift:  Emergency First Aid Training

6 or more workers per shift:  Standard First Aid Training

The type of training you participate should always meet your personal and employment needs.  Always ask before you book to ensure you obtain the right training!

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