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Synergy's First Aid and CPR training programs come from the same lineage as our other strategic risk management and safety education platforms.  They follow strict guidelines and are based on acceptable standards set by ILCOR and approved by the WSIB in Ontario.  

Did you know that Synergy services over 10 000 participants a year!  Yes, that is over 10 000 people who take part in our health and safety workshops.  We currently provide First Aid and CPR, N95 Mask Fit Testing, Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing, Quantitative Respiratory Fit Testing, Clinical Preparedness Permit Checks, Student Wellness Programs, Post Graduate Prep. programs and much more.

Our team of experts have over 100 years of combined health, safety and wellness experience to build upon - providing us with some powerful resources from which our trainers learn from.

There are many other providers out there who simply do the bare minimum - cover the basics, barely let you practice let alone ask questions.  You must ask yourself this - "If I shortchange myself in CPR training, will I be confident to act if and when a need arises"?  Our programs are used by countless universities, colleges, employers and agencies across the country.  Take it from the experts in health in safety - give yourself a fair playing field from which you can learn and share your knowledge.

Synergy programs are recognized by WSIB and all employers across the country.  Go ahead, register today!

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