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"The Synergy Gateway is a revolutionary way to manage, track, report and uphold student, school and agency compliance standards with ease".

Synergy is a proud partner with Canadian universities and colleges providing a wide range of services aimed at streamlining and simplifying the crucial document gathering and verification process known as "Student Permit Checking".  This process is required by students prior to entering clinical placement with partnering agencies to ensure they have met the health, safety and communicable disease protocols.

The Proof is in the Numbers:  
Clients report a 98.6% compliance rating - less than 5% follow up appointment rate - 7,500 Students enrolled - 99.99% Synergy Gateway uptime 

Synergy's proprietary software platform "The Synergy Gateway" provides a robust solution that is easy to use and leads the industry in data verification, transparency, security and accountability.  Synergy currently provides over 20, 000 appointments per year to college and university students across Ontario and British Columbia.  CONTACT SYNERGY TODAY and let us create a solution that makes life easier for everyone involved!

The Student Permit Check is a comprehensive document verification process using the Synergy Gateway that is conducted on behalf of the university or college by Synergy trained healthcare professionals.   We employ Nursing experts who identify, validate and report requirements through our document verification process.  A final determination of clinical preparedness is determined and only those that meet the clinical agency requirements are cleared for placement.  All of this is reported in real-time through the Synergy Gateway.

"The Synergy Gateway has a robust suite of services and reporting, aimed at making the permit checking process a positive student experience".

Our process is essential in maintaining strategic workplace risk management compliance for environments where university and college students attend clinical placement.  The responsibility to ensure compliance of student placements is upon the student and organization from which they originate.  Often times, failure to meet requirements will preclude students from being accepted into the clinical environment.  Our program works with students to maintain maximum compliance along with providing resources through our customized help desk.  CONTACT SYNERGY TODAY and let us create a solution that makes life easier for everyone invovled!

The Synergy Gateway

Our Synergy Gateway provides an efficient and compliance driven solution for university and college departments by:

  1. Ease of Booking:  Book, Cancel, Reschedule appointments in a single and secure environment
  2. Compliance Tracking:  We track, validate and verify requirements
  3. Reporting:  Our robust reporting allows for student and school to access important information easily
  4. Data:  Our system securely captures and records information
  5. User Experience:  We provide a positive student and administrator experience
  6. Dedicated Help Desk:  We provide a dedicated online help desk that responds to inquiries

We take security seriously

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