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Synergy Gateway for Student Permit Checking Services

We are pleased to announce that Synergy will be updating our proprietary Synergy Gateway services to include several new enhancements for 2017.  These updates will provide our clients and their students with ease and greater value than ever before.  Check them out!
  • Full roll out of our Electronic Student Permit Checking Services - first of its kind virtual student permit checking services for all schools enrolled in ESPC program.  Gone are the days of booking an in-person appointment - In are the days of booking a virtual appointment and document submission electronically!
  • Complimentary updates for programs requiring 6 month VSS or more.  Students who require frequent VSS updates throughout the year can now update these requirements through our Helpdesk at no additional cost!
  • Video Userguide series has been created to assist students throughout the permit checking process.  Our research has shown that videos resonate better with our students.
  • Help Desk - a key success feature of Synergy.  We operate a robust student help desk that tracks and responds to inquires in an accountable fashion.  We managed over 5000 inquires in 2016!
  • Enhanced Auditing capabilities allow Synergy to audit all student data before it goes live and as part of your compliance reporting.  Our team of auditors are nurses and health care professionals with a keen eye for details!

If your program is considering a vendor for your student permit checking requirements - look no further and contact Synergy today!


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