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Student Permit Checking Simplified

Have you ever counted the number of data points that are reviewed and/or reported on for an average student clinical placement requirement form? Well at Synergy we have done the heavy lifting and let me be the first to tell you that you for each student you are reviewing over 200 pieces of information. Multiply that by 1,500 students and you have approximately 300,000 unique values reviewed sometimes over multiple times a year. Add to this equation that the average student has at least 1.25 questions relating to their permit checking process and of course everything is due tomorrow! Pair that with the incredible importance on data accuracy that is required in reporting and one would think....

Who wants that job?

If your a clinical placement officers and other senior team members are responsible for student clinical placements - I am sure I have your attention. The funny thing is that we at Synergy love your job and over the years have gotten to be experts at it! We love complex health and safety requirements and we love working with students. What stresses most of our clients out, is what drives Synergy and our expert team of permit checkers and developers further and further into the realm of impossible. The result -

Student Clinical Compliance - Simplified.

Universities and Colleges struggle to find clinical placements for their students, often times competing for limited spots in a large pool of applicants. So maintaining agency requirements relating to health and safety is of paramount importance. We also understand the greater importance of ensuring that your students are free of communicable disease. That they are able to provide meaningful care in a safe and protected environment without posing a harm to the communities they are placed in. Quite simply put....

We get it

Synergy provide a robust end-to-end student permit checking program that is the least invasive and most efficient available. The end result is a positive student experience and compliance ratings like never before - all before your deadlines.

Interested? Contact Synergy today and let's get started.

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