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N95 Mask Fit Testing Toronto why it is so important

Synergy is a leader in Qualitative N95 Mask Fit Testing in Ontario, we conduct over 10000 mask fit tests a year - needless to say we know a few things about this essential health and safety requirement!

Many of us are exposed to work environments we hazourdous and potentially life threatening respiratory diseases can spread.  Under normal situations, a typical surgical mask (you know the loose fitting ones with two earloops) are suffice.  They are great at protecting the people around you from large droplets that could transmit common cold or cough.  However they provide NO protection to the person wearing the mask, nor are they affective against severe respiratory diseases such as SARS, TB etc...

This brings to the forefront a need for a respirator that will protect:

  1. The person wearing the respirator
  2. The people around you
  3. Filter out respiratory diseases
  4. Create a tight seal

The solution to this is your N95 Respirators!  Synergy's N95 Mask Fit Testing program provides up-to-date fit testing techniques and provides the wearer a comprehensive overview of the proper techniques necessary to create a facial seal.  By having a trained Synergy N95 Mask Fit Testing professional teach you the correct techniques and help you select a respirator that is right for your facial size, you are giving yourself the added knowledge and skillset necessary to protect yourself when out in your field of work.

IT IS WRONG to assume that a respirator can simply be put on...THERE ARE SPECIFIC STEPS NECESSARY in assuring a FACIAL SEAL is created.  Furthermore there are hundreds of types of respirators out there - knowing which ones fit your face is essential!

Take it from healthcare professionals - your safety is your own responsibility!

"Optimizing return on investment for workplace wellness programs"

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