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Lung Age Testing a bright new alternative to workplace health and safety


Do you know how healthy your lungs are?  
Do you know how important your lungs are?  
Do you wonder about the risk of disease?

We are often faced with confusion and a lack of resources when trying to determine the health of our lungs.  Lung health is affected by factors such as:  asthma, smoking, obesity, COPD to name a few.  All types of people benefit from understanding their lung health regardless of their fitness level.

Synergy provides onsite lung age testing for workplaces that want to provide their employees with an experience they will not forget.  Many employers have conducted on site biometrics and BMI clinics with marginal success.  While Synergy provides biometric and BMI screenings, we are often faced with people who simply are too scared to participate, or already know the results.  From the employers perspective costs are high and engagement is marginal.

Synergy now has an alternative health screening program - Lung Age Testing.  We provide onsite spirometry capture for workforces, providing participants with a full report and predicted values based on a Gold Standard for COPD.  The test itself takes less than 5 minutes to complete and the results are life changing.  Most people have no idea how healthy their lungs are, they can only guess.  After participating in our screening, participants receive a valid capture from which lifestyle changes can start to occur.  The test is non-evasive and only requires blowing air into an apparatus - no mess, no fuss!

Synergy also provides aggregated information to employers helping them understand where overall risks are and suggestions on how to improve.  Our program is very modestly priced and is well received, reaching an average 60% engagement when onsite (typical wellness programs capture about 30% engagement).  

For more information on our Lung Age program, please contact your wellbeing expert, Denise Ropp at

"Optimizing return on investment for workplace wellness programs"

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