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Ice Storm and the importance of First Aid

This recent ice storm brought lots of families, neighbors and friends together in a time where everyone felt a little helpless and a whole lot of coldness.  However the warmth of good conversation, the feeling of holiday spirit and the hopes that power would come back kept us all going strong!

Having all this time to think got us wondering about the thousands of people who might be suffering and in need of First Aid and CPR.  It is times when we are together that the life saving skills you learn in CPR courses Toronto that truly having a meaning of their own.  Personally, I witnessed people suffering from smoke inhalation - something that knowing first aid would have prevented.  

I visted warming centers on Christmas day and saw the look of despair and hope in each and everyone.  I witnessed the truly amazing work of the Red Cross volunteers as they helped people stay warm, fed and entertained.  I took my children with me as we shared our holiday goodies with others and it broght to life the importance of the spirit of giving and more importantly the unbelievable power of laughter!  Being a Red Cross Training partner, I felt so proud of our volunteers and made sure each and everyone of them knew that.  I was proud to tell them that I provide Toronto First Aid and CPR courses and that we focus on giving people everybit of information possible so that they can go out carry on the efforts of the Red Cross.

This holiday season, go ahead and give yourself a gift - the gift of saving lives.  Register with promo code SH2013 for even greater savings on our First Aid and CPR Courses Toronto.

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