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H1N1 and why N95 Mask Fit Testing is essential

With the flu season in full swing it is important that we all do our part to help curb the spread of potentially lethal viral strains. 

Recently, Toronto Public Health confirmed that there have been two fatal cases of H1N1 and that there were three other people who died elsewhere in Ontario in December. Across the country there have been increases in the demand for flu shots and demand for Tamiflu.   The number hospitalized is approximately 270 and there have been 965 lab confirmed cases across the country.

In Ontario alone, as of December there were 52 hospitalizations and 323 reported cases of H1N1.

So what does this all mean?  It simply means we need to take precautions and protect ourselves.  N95 Mask Fit Testing is a simple yet effective training that teaches the wearer how to properly donn and doff the correct N95 Respirator for their face.  N95 Mask Fit Testing is an essential skill and an important part of every persons health and safety practice. 

With our winter in full swing and flu season hampering us down, lets do our part and Get Fit Tested!

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