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Focus on YOURSELF in 2015

With the cold winter upon us, I look outside and see the sun shining down and gracing us with its glory - The first sign that 2015 is going to be a great year for everyone!

Like many of our customers, I encourage you to get a head start this year and get all of your mandatory training out of the way early.  This helps avoid last minute crunches and mad dashes to Synergy!  Book your N95 Mask Fit Testing, CPR Training, Online Health and Safety Training (WHMIS, MSDS etc...) through our easy to use and convenient online scheduling tools!

I am even more excited to offer our customers our one-of-a-kind Synergy Personal Wellness Tool.  Founded by Dr. John Travis (known as the father of wellness) this is the only tool that measures 12 core dimensions of wellness and pairs them with your motivations!  With personal wellness coaching and online resources - The Synergy Personal Wellness Tool is the key to starting 2015 off with a blast.  Costs only $2.99/month (min. 12 month subscription)

With many new programs this year, Synergy looks to provide our customers with the greatest value and professionalism around!

"Optimizing return on investment for workplace wellness programs"

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