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First Aid and CPR requirements by school - Synergy makes it easy!

Synergy understands that being a student is hard work.  All that studying, exams, lectures, practicums, lectures, assignments, lectures adds up!  Then you have to look at your clinical placement requirements - and that can be more difficult than all of the above!

Well take a break and breathe.  Synergy has it covered for you!  Our site has lots of resources and valuable information about your school and its requirements.  Of course things can change, but we provide you with a basic framework from which you can begin looking at what you need to complete.  

Now that you know, we make it simple by offering BUNDLED courses -check out our First Aid, CPR and N95 Mask fit testing courses!  We understand that you time and money are precious, so lets not waste any of it!  Check us out and you will not be dissappointed!

"Optimizing return on investment for workplace wellness programs"

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