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  • Do your food providers use healthy food alternatives such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains bread, healthy beverages available?
  • Do employees have access to a kitchen with fresh water, a refrigerator, and a microwave?
  • Does your worksite provide healthy eating messages to employees, such as posters or brochures?
  • Does your worksite provide any health information (the web, brochures, posters, etc) about nutrition to employees?


  • Do you have a Mental Health in the Workplace Policy & Program?
  • Do your benefits include services in EAP and Mental Health?
  • Does your company encourage taking entitled breaks?
  • The company encourages work-life balance.                
  • The company supports workers returning to work after a mental health condition
  • The company has implemented programs for situations that threaten employees: harassment,  violence, discrimination.


  • Does your worksite have stairs? Are employees encouraged to use them?      
  • Is it convenient and safe for your employees to walk or ride a bicycle to work?
  • Do you have lockers and/or showers at your workplace?
  • Do you have fitness equipment or classes at your workplace?              
  • Do you provide fitness center discounts for employees who exercise away from work?
  • Do you support employee physical activity by allowing workers to take walking breaks, to do preheavy-labor stretching, or take additional time off during lunch to exercise? Do your employees get adequate exercise at work as part of their job?
  • Does your company sponsor sports teams such as softball for employees?
  • Are there paths near the worksite where employees can walk during breaks, lunch or after work?
  • Has your worksite ever sponsored a local fun run or fun walk?
  • Does your worksite provide any health information (web, brochures' posters, etc) about physical activity or exercise messages to employees?


  • Do you have restrictions such as no smoking in company buildings, in company vehicles, oron company property?
  • Does your benefits program support smoking cessation products and treatments?


  • Do you have a wellness committee?
  • Do you allow health promotion programs to be provided during company time (not lunch hour)?
  • Do you have a way to identify and support Wellness Champions in your organization? Do your employees have access to an email account for company information, education and programs?
  • Do you have regular wellness days?
  • Do you have regular company team building or group activities (picnics, parties, etc)?



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