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eTrueNorth expands its eLabNetwork internationally through the Gateway to Wellness Affiliate Network

eTrueNorth Expands its eLabNetwork™ Platform Internationally

Partnership between Global Health Solutions and eTrueNorth will soon enable Canadians to receive voucher-driven biometric screenings at local pharmacies


Dallas, December 11, 2017 - eTrueNorth, the U.S.-based healthcare technology solution provider for CLIA-waived laboratories, announced today that it has grown its business internationally with a new relationship with Ontario-based Global Health Solutions, Inc. The synergy of this partnership will enable biometric screenings in retail pharmacies in Canada followed by the United Kingdom and Asia.

Global Health is an international biometric screening and Immunization Company rooted in onsite workplace assessments and secure technology-based programming that facilitates the process of screenings. While the company has been focused on corporate sectors with more than 12,500 health professionals internationally, Global Health has inroads to major international pharmacy retail chains. The company’s Gateway to Wellness software system provides health and wellness providers with a complete end-to-end clinic management solution that includes an online scheduler, biometric data capture (including automatic conversion between metric and imperial units) and results reporting (both by participant and in aggregate).  Through its Gateway to Wellness Affiliate program, Global Health is able to provide biometric screening and immunization programs across the globe.

                  eTrueNorth’s signature product, the eLabNetwork® platform, enables corporations, screening companies and third-party payors to provide vouchers to individuals for wellness screenings and population health initiatives at local pharmacies.

“At eTrueNorth, we imagine a future where consumers around the globe can access healthcare services at their local pharmacies. In the U.S., this strategy aligns with the expanded patient care role being assumed by pharmacists.  For countries outside the U.S., the idea of obtaining laboratory testing, such as getting your cholesterol, A1c, or glucose checked, at a pharmacy is also not the norm,” said Michael McEntee, CEO and Co-Founder of eTrueNorth. “This partnership is perfectly designed to change the healthcare delivery paradigm. Together, we have the infrastructure in place for citizens of Canada, the United Kingdom and Asian countries such as China to get biometric results at the same place they are filling their prescriptions.”

eTrueNorth will also be utilizing its eQC POCT cloud-based software solution, designed to streamline documentation of quality control practices. Statistical quality control reports, inclusive of Levey Jennings charts, are generated by the software. Pharmacists who use the eQC POCT software can easily demonstrate compliance with laboratory regulations, saving time and money in the event of an audit. Reports are available at the licensing organization level as well as peer comparison in standard and custom queries.

Global Health’s Gateway to Wellness program will provide the scheduling software, biometric data collection and results reporting and eTrueNorth will provide the voucher and quality control infrastructure.


“The leadership at Global Health Solutions is excited about the partnership and our combined ability to expand laboratory testing at retail pharmacies around the globe. We are active today in Canada, South America, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Middle East,” said Kapil Gupta, Partner at Global Health Solutions. “Many of our current customers around the world are demanding the functionality that eTrueNorth makes possible. The market potential for Asia alone is exciting. We share in eTrueNorth’s goal to improve access, quality and affordability of healthcare and laboratory testing.”

eLabNetwork’s ability to provide end-to-end traceability of laboratory testing results at retail pharmacies is also an important component of this partnership. Any individual biometric result can be traced back to a specific pharmacy location, laboratory instrument (or point-of-care medical device), healthcare professional, and quality control record. This level of quality control is unprecedented among CLIA waived laboratories and point-of-care testing.  

“Between the interactive capabilities of Global Health and the functionality of eTrueNorth, we have a platform that is poised for explosive growth around the globe,” said McEntee. “We hope to improve access to basic laboratory testing while monitoring quality and lowering cost to the local healthcare system.”

In the U.S., a local pharmacist is the most accessible healthcare professional for the average consumer, as pharmacies are open 7 days a week. The average high-risk patient sees their pharmacist 35 times per year versus their primary care practitioner only 4 times (Pharmacy Times, August 2014). eTrueNorth partners specifically with retail pharmacies, employee wellness stakeholders, third-party payors, as well as other healthcare entities, to drive access, quality and affordability of healthcare. Similar statistics of higher pharmacy utilizations rates can be found around the globe.

About eTrueNorth

eTrueNorth drives access, quality, and affordability by enabling a future where healthcare services are provided to consumers at local pharmacies. By empowering local pharmacists to administer preventative healthcare screenings and close gaps in care, eTrueNorth is working in partnership with retail pharmacies, self-funded employers, third-party payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to identify undiagnosed conditions and better manage chronic diseases. The company’s goal is to fit healthcare into everyday life. By leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies, eTrueNorth will expand the scope of services provided to consumers to be more effective and of higher quality and at the same time, enhance the pharmacy’s value as a key participant in a multi-disciplinary healthcare delivery model. To learn more, visit or contact Tom Wiser at (816) 293-3374 or


About Global Health Solutions

Global Health Solutions is an international provider of software solutions aimed at enabling healthcare providers with comprehensive health screening and immunization solutions through its revolutionary Gateway to Wellness Affiliate program.  The Gateway to Wellness software provides the highest degree of accountability and standardization to its Affiliates, making the partnership with eTrueNorth a natural relationship.  Gateway to Wellness Affiliates stand out among  competitors by ensuring quality professional nurses with their international geographic footprint, outstanding customer service and  a simplified process for measuring outcomes.  To learn more, visit or contact Susan Dineno at

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