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Demystifying First Aid and CPR courses toronto (part 1 of 2)

I would like to begin by applauding you on reading this blog.  This shows that you actually care about the life saving skills you need to or want to learn.  For those living locally, searching for Toronto First Aid, I would like to point out that there are several reasons why I have written this blog.  The most obvious and relevant reason is to demystify the confusion about programs and the providers who distribute them, helping those that are seeking CPR courses Toronto, an easy and pain free experience!

So why are there so many discrepancies, time variances and cost differences between what seems to be endless providers of CPR Training Courses and First Aid and CPR courses Toronto?  The answer is not that simple, yet lets begin to explore.

The investigation starts with the regulatory bodies.  There are several worldwide organizations that create their own guidelines for CPR training, including the Canadian Red Cross and American Red Cross and then there are many organizations that adopt the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) guidelines.  What is ILCOR?  It simply is an organization that allows for members around the world to come together and decide on guidelines and modifications to current programming.  For the average Canadian seeking CPR training In Toronto, rest assured that all the guidelines are very similar and that each organization looks very closely at what others are doing. The only difference is that organizations like the Canadian Red Cross create their own National Standards, versus simply adopting the ILCOR guidelines.  This begs the question then if one is better than the other?  Not exactly would be the best answer – I would however be more inclined to stick with a provider that creates their own standards across the country simply because they are very in tune with key information like demographics, distribution and availability of services within their region.

We generally have 3 leading providers of Frist Aid and CPR courses in Canada:

  • The Canadian Red Cross – provides a full suite of First Aid and CPR courses including marine and swimming programs
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation – provides CPR courses
  • Life Saving Society – provides First Aid and CPR programs mainly oriented towards water safety programs

When it comes to selecting between the 3 providers, one must consider their experience, history and acceptance.  Synergy has been recognized as a leading provider of CPR Training Courses and is on its way to becoming the Canadian Red Crosses first National Training partner.  Each of the providers have excellent programs, however only the Canadian Red Cross offers a complete suite of programs that are available across the country and create their own National Standards.  The Canadian Red Cross has vigorous requirements for their training partners as well and maintain a national database of certifications.

Now that we know a little more about the providers, lets explore what happens when you meet their training partners.  Each provider has a list of authorized training partners.  These partners have certified instructors, policies and programs to deliver the guidelines and instructions created by their provider.  Here in lies the confusion and the key to how to choose a good CPR Training partner for yourself.

Look out for the next part to this blog...

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