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CPR Training Toronto - Red Cross Certification

Why be confused when selecting your CPR training courses?  Synergy makes the decision simple and easy through our Toronto Training Center and of course our immensly popular on-site workshops.  Finding Toronto CPR training is easy when you leave it to the professionals and dedicated Red Cross Instructors at Synergy!  

We all have gone through First Aid and CPR courses during our careers - and at Synergy we have over 50 years of combined healthcare experience.  That is a LOT of CPR courses!  So we have collectively decided we are going to make our courses fun, exciting and comfortable!  YES we said COMFORTABLE!

Following a national standard on first aid and CPR is very important.  The Red Cross is one the leaders in programming and standards updates in Canada.  Synergy is proud to be a national partner.  We have a long list of universities, colleges, healthcare and daycare employers who rely on us for thier training - but it doesn't stop there.  We train camp operators, unions, professionals and office reps from all industries.  Of particular interest is our construction program - designed to provide maximum education through flexible 2,3, and 4 day workshops.

Take from a company that has invested time, energy and resources towards truly optimizing the customer experience!  CPR training courses have never been this simple ever!

"Optimizing return on investment for workplace wellness programs"

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