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Corporate Wellness Program and why now is the time to invest

Synergy Wellness Services started as a grass roots concept with a fundamental belief that Workplace Wellness is the solution to rising healthcare costs, higher productivity and the solution to creating an engaged and empowered workforce. Yes, we said empowered and don't want you the reader to be scared.

Empowered people are more productive.  Empowered people drive down health care costs.  Empowered people make your organizations culture attractive, respected and admired.

Wellness is a word that thrown around all to often these days.  Many of us think of a gym membership and smoothie in the morning as our key to wellness.  Albeit that the gym and health eating are great starts towards better personal health, however they are not what drives our core functionality and what we define as personal wellness.  

At Synergy we start with providing the tools and services needed for individuals to understand what drives our decisions and why we do what we do.  By fully understanding ourselves and creating smart, achievable goals, we can begin the path towards personal wellness.  This our dear readers, is where the real "aha" moment begins and lasts the tests of time.

We don't want a fluffy, non-measurable, no return on investment related corporate wellness program for our clients!  Quite the opposite is our goal.  We create sustainable cultural shifts within organizations that produce measurable return on investment for each and every wellness dollar spent.  Our tools and experts provide "optimization" at every level, helping organizations maximize what's already in place and drive programs that will surpass participation expectations! 

How do we know what people want?  Ahhh, thats in our tools and built right into the solution we provide.  No more speculating what people want, we tell you right away what they WILL DO.  True change starts with participation.

Synergy Wellness Services delivers enterprise level solutions to organizations of all sizes.  From as little as 50 employees to as large national companies with 1000's of employees, our program is fully scalable and customizable.  We have product and industry experts from Wellness, Occupational Health and Safety, Insurance, Benefits, Psychological health, Canadian standards and healthcare all working together towards a unified user experience like none other.

For more information, contact:  Denise Ropp by email: 

"Optimizing return on investment for workplace wellness programs"

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