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Chase McEachern Act - Heart Defibrillator Civil Liability- Ontario

The McGuinty government passed legislation that will protect people from civil liability when they attempt to save a life using a public automated external defibrillator (AED).   This along with Ontario's Good Samaritan Act, protects those trained in First Aid and CPR from civil liability when using skills taught to them.

This goes a long way in breaking down those "Barriers to Entry" that we discuss in our training courses.  How many countless times do we hear people afraid of performing CPR or other life savings skills due to being sued or injuring the ill person.  It is safe to assume that in Ontario, people trained in CPR and First Aid are protected as long as they act according to their skill and comfort level.

Traditional CPR paired with the use of an AED, increases the chance of survival by over 75%! 

For a full outline of the “Chase McEachern Act (Heart Defibrillator Civil Liability), 2007" Ontario, CLICK HERE.

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