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Flu Facts Quiz

Take our quick Flu Fact Quiz!

Synergy Flu Vaccination Program

Flu related illness cost Canadian businesses billions of dollars a year. Synergy can help you reduce this by conducting an onsite employee Flu Vaccination Workshop this year!

Lung Age Testing for your employees - why is it important?

Many of us have no idea how healthy our lungs are. They seldom present symptoms, but when they do it is often not soon enough. Synergy's on site lung age testing uses Health Canada approved medical devices to conduct basic spirometry testing - providing participants with invaluable information about their Lung Age and COPD risks.

British Columbia Mask Fit Testing - N95 Mask Fit Testing in B.C

Synergy offers N95 Mask Fit Testing and Qualitative Respirator Mask Fit Testing in British Columbia now! We are leaders in Respiratory Fit Testing across Canada, offering individual, group and organizational mask fit testing.

Face Masks versus Respirators

Do you ever wonder what the difference between a face mask and a respirator is? Let's explore!

OOHNA 2015 Annual Conference

Synergy is proud sponsor of the Annual OOHNA Conference in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario.

CPR training and Mask Fit Testing all at once

Looking to save time, money and make the most of your resources? Synergy offers First Aid, CPR and Mask Fit Testing training conveniently in one visit. Ask about our bundled rates today!

Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting Show Specials

Ontario Dental Association Members (ODA) - take advantage of our special show pricing for your CPR, First Aid and Mask Fit Testing requirements. We offer a price match guarantee! Pick up your flyers from the Taridium and Red Alert booth.

Synergy offers Lung Age Clinics for Employers across Ontario

Lung Health and Lung Age are vital metrics to consider when measuring the health and wellness of your workforce. Informed employees make smart decisions that lead to improved lifestyles and healthier bottom lines.

Ontario Redeveloping 300 Long Term Care Homes

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will be taking the initiative over the next 10 years to assist LTC operators in the re-development of their homes to meet current standards.

Why is respirator mask fit testing is important

According to the centers for disease control and prevention mask fit testing is an essential part of an ongoing health and safety program that protects workers.

Focus on YOURSELF in 2015

Health and Safety should never take a back seat in your day to day routines. Thats why Synergy is challenging you to make this year especially important for YOU!

Hand Hygiene like never before

Here is a short video that surely make you practice your hand hygiene! Thanks to University of Geneva Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland for posting this fantastic video.

Meditation links to improved physical and mental health

Recent studies show that meditation has the potential to influence mental and physical health. A scientific approach to measuring how meditation affects health from the National Institutes of Health in the US.


Synergy is pleased to provide industry leading online training courses through our educational partners. We make learning fun and easy. Courses offered include: WHMIS, TDG, P.P.E, Back Safety, Aerial Lifts & Aerial Work Platforms, Blood Borne Pathogens, Confined Spaces, Fall Arrest, Forklift Operator Safety and many more!


Synergy is providing online WHMIS training programs and certifications for organizations and Canadians requiring them for employment or school. Our training is industry leading and extremely cost effective. Work at your own pace and receive a certification upon successful completion! COMING SOON!

First Ebola Case in US

The CDC has confirmed that the first US EBOLA case has indeed been detected. Respiratory protection is of utmost importance right now.

Great Wellness Finds - 2

This is a great article from the Bank of Montreal (BMO) from their Annual Labour Day Survey. Is your organization struggling to retail top talent? Have Synergy help with your wellness programs and discover the difference it can make.

Great Wellness Finds

Synergy is pleased to present a collection of articles, activities and metrics that support wellness in our world. Synergy's wellness programs are simple, effective and measurable producing real return on investment.

North Bay, Thunder Bay and Surrounding Area N95 Mask Fit Testing

Synergy is pleased to provide our renowned Qualitative N95 Mask Fit Testing to Northern Ontario businesses, organizations and individuals. We offer exceptional pricing, efficiency and will work with you to make mandatory Mask Fit Testing a seamless program. Contact us for more information on a no-obligations quote.

What to look for in a CPR course

This article will help you determine what to look for in a CPR course and more importantly a respectable provider!


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is fast becoming a major topic of conversation at dinner tables across North America....Here's why!

British Columbia N95 Mask Fit Testing

Looking for N95 Mask Fit Testing in British Columbia? Well look no further, as Synergy will be expanding our services to Beautiful British Columbia!

Taking N95 Mask Fit Testing to Northern Ontario

Are you in Northern Ontario and need N95 Mask Fit testing for your workplace, school, college/university or emergency services department? Look no further, Synergy has officially expanded to Northern Ontario, servicing North Bay and the surrounding regions. Need bilingual training? Not a problem!

H1N1 and why N95 Mask Fit Testing is essential

Outbreak after outbreak of H1N1 and now H5N1 have been noted across Canada. Protect yourself and protect your workplace with the training provided by Synergy N95 Mask Fit Testing.

Ice Storm and the importance of First Aid

Were you prepared for the 5 day blackout? What would you have done if someone you loved went into hyperthermia or simply stopped breathing?

N95 Mask Fit Testing paired with Toronto CPR training what a combo

At Synergy we know that peoples time is precious and extremely limited! We also know that working within Healthcare is a difficult and stressful occupation. So why make getting your certificates in order a challenging task? Look no further, Synergy is making things easier for you!

Corporate Wellness Program and why now is the time to invest

According to the United Nations High Council, non-communicable diseases are the number one cause of concern for the future. Non-communicable diseases (NCD) are lifestyle related and can be controlled! Yes, we said they can be controlled! What can your company or organization to do to help? Its simple...let Synergy show you where to look and how to begin weaving a wellness culture into your corporate strategies that will stand the test of time!

Synergy Parenting First Aid and CPR Course - Every parents dream!

At Synergy we are parents too. We know how precious our little ones are to us and we also know the looming dangers that surround them everyday. From burns, to choking to CPR, how will you react in an emergency? Rest assured help is available. Synergy's Parenting First Aid and CPR 101 non-certification course is the perfect option for busy parents who want the quick 101 version how to help save their loved ones from undue injury.

CPR Training Toronto - Red Cross Certification

The best and brightest rely on Synergy for their First Aid and CPR training. There is a simple reason why: We continuously provide in-depth, content rich and practical CPR courses Toronto! Did we mention we have some of the best pricing in Toronto as well? Give us a shout and try us out!

CPR Training Toronto

Are you looking for an affordable and exceptionally well taught First Aid and CPR program? Synergy is proud to introduce our newest Toronto Training Facility for First Aid and CPR programs - come and check us out! Hint...look online for promo codes to save even more!

First Aid and CPR courses toronto bundled with Corporate mental health programs can help save lives

Have you considered CPR Training Courses? Do you require First Aid and CPR courses for school or work? First Aid and CPR courses Toronto provides training programs that will certify you in CPR and First Aid. These programs are offered through our Toronto training center and are Red Cross certified. This is just one of the many services and programs offered. One of the other core services offered are our Corporate mental health programs, together providing a sound platform from which we start the bend the trend towards better health, wellness and safety of people.

Demystifying First Aid and CPR courses toronto (part 2 of 2)

Part of of this blog helps you determine what to look for in good First Aid and CPR Courses Toronto options. Taking all things into consideration helps achieve the optimal education and experience you will need in the time of crisis!

Demystifying First Aid and CPR courses toronto (part 1 of 2)

Are you going crazy trying to find the best First Aid and CPR Course Toronto? Are you simply not sure what is what and who to choose? Like you, countless 1000's of people face the same confusing and endless conundrum of what to do. Have no fear - will help you find the answer you are looking for!

"Optimizing return on investment for workplace wellness programs"

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